Advocate Yigal Rinat


Real Estate, and Real Estate Taxation


Holds a Magister Juris degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 1959.


Speaks Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

Admitted to practice law since 1961
Notary since 1971

Advocate Yigal Rinat



Adv. Yigal Rinat serves as advisor at the Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. law firm in the real estate and real estate taxation division.

Born in Buenos Aires, descendent of Jews who settled at the end of the 19th Century in Argentina in the colonies that were established by Baron Hirsh.

In 1959, his deceased father, the late Adv. Benjamin Rinat (Rinsky), opened the firm that Yigal joined in 1961 after completing his internship. In 1996, Ehud joined the firm, the third generation in the profession.

Over the years, Yigal has acquired extensive experience in broad and diverse real estate transactions, including representing contractors, purchases from contractors, representing landowners, combination transactions, secondhand purchases, and similar.

He has published articles on these topics in “Hapraklit,” a monthly journal published by the Bar Association.

Yigal served in the military court system during his compulsory and reserve duty service in the IDF for 28 years. In his last position, he served for many years as a judge in the military tribunal in the Gaza strip.  He was discharged from reserve duty with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Yigal is a bridge fan, enjoys reading and touring in Israel and worldwide.

Married, father to a son and daughter, and grandfather of six grandchildren.


Real Estate Department