Management and Protection of Multinational Family Wealth
Inheritance and Estate Law
Trust Law – setting up and managing trusts
Setting up and managing various bodies to manage family assets for business purposes and for charitable purposes, sacred property, foreign and Israeli companies.
Commercial Law
International Taxation
Israeli and Foreign Real Estate


Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B.) magna cum laude from Leeds University, England (1993).



Amir speaks Hebrew and English.

Member of the Israel Bar Association, 1995


Founding Partner


Adv. Amir Goldman is a founding partner of Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co., which was established 25 years ago. Amir heads the firm’s Family Wealth Management Department, and also engages in commercial law, provides regular legal advice to the firm’s clients, and deals with international taxation, and Israeli and foreign real estate.

Amir has unique experience in the field of managing and protecting personal and family wealth, an area in which few Israeli lawyers operate. Amir specializes in the setup and comprehensive multidisciplinary management of trusts and funds, foreign and Israeli companies, sacred property owners and legal entities of various types, in addition to providing ongoing legal assistance to the firm’s clients on planning family wealth and present assets with an eye to the future, probate processes, and managing estates in Israel and abroad, finding investment solutions and alternatives, and maintaining links with local and international elements in finance in general, and banking in particular.

A significant portion of his activity is devoted to setting up and managing family trusts and funds, charitable trusts and funds, sacred property, foreign companies and various legal entities.

In the course of his professional life, Amir has acquired rich and varied experience of working with foreign residents in various communities around the world, and his activity is based on personal, close and direct relations with professionals and with those involved with each client in Israel and abroad.

These ties, together with his long experience and legal creativity, enable Amir to offer integrative initiatives and to tailor solutions to clients in a complex field that demands command of many overlapping legal disciplines.

In addition to great expertise in his specialist areas, and the close personal relationships formed with his clients, Amir maintains a close network of contacts with a long list of professionals in the field of personal and family wealth management, such as bankers, investment advisors, people in the capital markets, accountants and international tax consultants, as well as companies that specialize in financial investment and similar service providers in Israel and abroad.

Amir is able to meet the unique demands of the field of managing and protecting family wealth by providing service based on personal attention, loyalty and dedication, familiarity with the client’s background and wishes for the future at the individual and family level as well as at the business level, as well as maintaining the necessary discretion.

Amir completed his pre-internship and internship in the law firm of Moritz Weissglas Almagor and also in the firm of M. Seligman, under Adv. Irena Lin, where he met fellow intern Amitai Erlich. Immediately after their internship, Amir and Amitai founded their own firm, Goldman Erlich & Co.

In addition to his professional activity, Amir is active in the community in Israel. For many years he has served as an external director of the Tel Hashomer Medical Research Fund and he is a member of several Israeli and international funds and trusts that aid weak groups in Israeli society, disabled people and minorities.

In the IDF Amir served as a flight controller. He recently retired from active reserve duty, after serving as an officer in the Military Prosecutor’s Office. Amir is also an art lover and this passion informs his involvement with Tel Aviv Museum.


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