Ami Eyal deals with all aspects of land law and has a great deal of experience in this area.

His work includes representation and assistance with complex real estate transactions, including residential, commercial, employment and industrial projects.

He handles real estate financing transactions and represents both the financing bodies and the developers who receive the financing.

Ami works on commercial land agreements, partnership agreements, purchasing groups, development agreements, contracting agreements, various sales agreements, planning and construction processes, representation in various instances and in arbitration, and land registration processes.

He handles various transactions involving land, and provides regular legal advice at all stages of the project – from preliminary checks before agreements, due diligence, tax planning, negotiations, signing of agreements and financial assistance; continuing to the actions required to implement the transaction and develop the land, such as planning, licensing, obtaining permits, tax assessments, registration of mortgages and liens, handling infrastructure and the actual construction process (if required) with all that entails (including agreements with contractors and service providers), marketing, leasing/sale agreements; all the way to registration of rights.

Ami’s work includes providing assistance and legal advice in dealings with government, municipal and other relevant authorities, including planning institutions, land taxation authorities, the Israel Land Authority, local authorities, banks and other financial institutions.

Ami has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1997, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B., 1996) from Tel Aviv University.

Ami speaks Hebrew and English.


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