Real Estate Department

Our firm is a leader on real estate matters in Israel, and serves a wide range of Israeli clients, as well as assisting foreign residents in managing their assets in Israel. Real estate accounts for a significant segment of the firm’s regular activity, providing comprehensive solutions that cover aspects of planning and construction, taxation and finance for our diverse clients who include developers, contractors, investors and companies.

We specialize in large, complex land transactions and combination transactions, real estate funds, purchasing groups, Tama 38, self-build associations, Evacuation & Construction, Buyers’ Price, and more. Our clients benefit from a full legal framework together with business advice that is based on a wide-ranging network of professionals in different fields.

The Real Estate Department works synergistically with the firm’s other departments; thanks to their thorough and multidisciplinary experience, our lawyers can find the solution that best fits the client’s objectives and business needs.

The firm’s warm relations and complete dedication to its clients, both foreign and local residents, enable them to trust it to guide their transactions or projects, knowing that everything will be done in the most dedicated way, with attention to every detail. 


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