Municipal Taxes Department

Our firm is among the leading firms in Israel in the municipal taxes field. Over the years, the municipal taxes department has acquired extensive experience in representing hundreds of businesses. Among our clients are marketing chains that manage hundreds of branches, hi-tech companies, service companies, software houses, editing and filming studios, enterprises, contractors and real estate management companies, importers, commercial companies and many others.

The department represents taxpayers vis-a-vis local authorities across the country and in all legal frameworks, including rates appellate committees, courts, administrative courts and the high court, in all types of litigation relating to municipal taxes, including, but not limited to, challenges and appellate proceedings pertaining to current charges, claims for retroactive restitution, and administrative petitions against administrative collection proceedings.

Some of the cases that we have managed have set precedents in the case law, inter alia relating to taxing cinematography and television editing studios, taxing offices of performance companies at building sites, taxing theaters, and many additional matters.

The department is supported by field staff possessing experience working with the local authorities, in order to conduct inspections on our behalf at properties, surveys and escort, as well as supervision during the course of inspections on behalf of the local authorities.


Ehud Rinat | Ohad Gavish | Ami Eyal