A little about us

The law firm of Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. is one of Israel’s leading firms in the field of real estate, planning and construction, management of personal and family wealth, finance and banking, commercial law and litigation. Since its establishment in 1995, the firm has constantly striven for leadership and excellence in its areas of activity, and today is at the forefront of Israeli law firms in its field.

The firm operates in Israel and overseas, and specializes in handling complex and far-reaching legal cases, making use of unique business experience acquired over many years of working in the field with professionals. The firm is dynamic and innovative, but relies on accumulated experience and extensive knowledge.

Our clients

Our firm maintains a close and exceptional relationship with its clients, providing them with comprehensive and personal service, tailored to their needs. We believe in putting our clients’ interests first, and identifying fully with them and their needs; we rejoice in their happiness, feel their pain, and look for the most comprehensive resolution possible. Our considerable experience enables us to anticipate problems and provide solutions ahead of time, giving our clients peace of mind and confidence. We put the main emphasis on the quality and professionalism of the lawyers who work in our firm, and on cooperation between them. The lawyers who staff our departments are among the most talented and experienced in their fields.

We provide professional and multidisciplinary service to a varied clientele, including some of Israel’s largest construction companies, developers, investors, owners of land and assets, banks, insurance companies, capital funds, corporations in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, commercial and service companies, and other private entities. In addition, the firm represents many foreign companies and foreign residents, who receive comprehensive legal services to help them manage their assets and capital. Thanks to our close, personal relationships with our clients we have built a reputation for reliability and professionalism, among both our clients and our colleagues.

Community and Pro bono

We believe that social involvement is not an obligation, but a privilege. We are happy to have the opportunity to exercise this privilege and we strive to continue a long tradition of volunteering and helping in the community. The firm supports and assists various entities with voluntary legal advice, donations, fundraising and management.

Above all we are proud of the voluntary manual work in which we participate from time to time in various frameworks.

The main entities with which the firm is involved on behalf of the community include Bishvil Moran Vardi, an NPO that supports wounded IDF soldiers, HaShomer HaChadash, an NPO that helps farmers and reinforces the sense of mutual responsibility among the people and their ties to the country, the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, which works to strengthen the link between the people of Israel and Jewish tradition, and an NPO that supports children at risk, Hetz for Israel, a company that promotes Israel’s interests in the areas of information, international relations and the preservation of its Zionist character, fights antisemitism and boycotts of Israel, funds that support young artists, funds that grant scholarships, the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology which coordinates public medical research, and more.