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Liora Manzury

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co.’s commercial department serves a variety of corporations and companies, including the industrial sector, commerce, services and high-tech. The department’s advocates accumulated many years of experience counseling all types of business entities, including public companies, government-owned corporations, private companies and different types of partnerships. The department’s legal services spread out over many practice fields, including corporate law, labor law, trusts, banking and funding, tenders and debt restructuring. The well experienced professional advocates of the commercial department provide ongoing counsel for each in the corporate life cycle, as well as protecting the corporation’s business and financial interests from competitors and business partners. The department has close cooperation with parallel law firms abroad, enabling efficient promotion of overseas transactions and various business steps.

The firm provides its business clients with ongoing personal counsel regarding all their business life cycle. The department’s advocates provide ongoing legal services for corporations, including commerce-rated counsel as well as the contractual array between the corporation and other companies or clients. The department supports the corporation’s core activities, including merger and investment agreements, partnerships, dissolutions and termination of business activity within the corporation.

The commercial department contains a unique labor law niche, including employment agreements, employees’ incentivisation programs, retirement agreements and labor courts representation. In addition, the department provides comprehensive legal counsel to startup companies, from the initial idea to capital raising, including establishing the company, founders agreements, investments and allocations. In addition, the department handles foreign and domestic M&A transactions.

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. operates one of Israel’s prominent real estate departments. Its advocates specialize in a diverse range of the real estate practice, including planning and construction, real estate taxation, funding and registration. The department has a unique expertise in complex real estate transactions, residential construction, commercial centers, offices and hotels. The breadth of the department’s expertise enables it to provide comprehensive legal counsel, from the project’s birth to its final completion. The department provides legal counsel covering all forms of business transactions, inter alia, combination transactions, acquisition groups, agricultural lands’ change of designation, building associations, expropriations, evacuations and tenant’s protection, transactions in evacuation-building sites and NOP (national outline plan) 38 transactions. The real estate department at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein & Co. constitutes a significant share of the firm’s legal work, and works synergistically with the other department at the firm. Using their in-depth and multidisciplinary experience, the department’s advocates tailor a comprehensive solution to every client, consistent with his business needs and objectives. The department provides counsel throughout all phases of the transaction, from the initial planning to the execution and final registration. The department’s advocates are distinguished by their first hand acquaintance with the business world and professionals from all disciplines, which enables them to provide first rate legal counsel. The real estate department operates in close cooperation with the firm’s departments, supporting, inter alia, the family wealth department in locating investment channels, as well as handle real estate transactions for other departments’ clients. The real estate department provides counsel regarding complex and high profile real estate transactions, serving clients from a broad spectrum including entrepreneurs, contractors, investors and leading Israeli corporations. A significant part of the department’s actions is directed towards the international arena. Using the firm’s network of foreign real estate experts, the department promotes a variety of real estate investments worldwide, enriching their business potential by using the best planning and taxation strategies. In addition, the department serves foreign residents in managing their investments and assets within Israel.

Adv. Liora Manzury is a partner at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein & Co.
Liora specializes in Civil and Commercial Law and counsel varied companies regarding their ongoing activity, commercial agreements and contracts, labor law, inheritances and estates. Liora accompanies and coordinates unique and complex transactions characterized by the need of integration between the various Law fields mentioned above.
Liora handles a broad spectrum of real estate transactions, inter alia, large scaled and complex transactions, representing contractors and handling financial issues before banks, as well as combination transactions, taxation of real estate transactions and representation in front of various authorities.
In addition, Liora coordinates the tax counseling to the various firm departments.

Prior to her joining Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein & Co. Liora worked at M. Porath & Co., and previously as an accountant at the Israel Tax Authority, where she also interned. Liora’s interned at Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co.

Liora was admitted to the Israel Bar Association at 2002, and holds an LL.B. (2001) from Tel Aviv University, and a B.A in economy and accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, Liora holds an accounting license since 1998, and served as a teaching assistant in several economy and accounting courses in the Hebrew University.

Liora speaks Hebrew and English.