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Boaz Edelstein

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co.’s litigation department offers litigation services in all legal disciplines. The department’s advocates specialize in a broad spectrum of civil, commercial, public and criminal proceedings, appear before all instances, tribunals, planning authorities and administrative bodies, and faithfully represent both long term and ad hoc clients.

The litigation department is manned with first rate advocates known for their top professionalism, as well as their unconditional commitment to the client’s interests. The trademarks of the department’s advocates are utmost loyalty to the client, full control of all the case’s legal aspects using excellent legal research tools, innovative advocacy and outstanding argumentative skills. The department’s advocates provide comprehensive litigation representation, combining well-rounded strategic plan for every case with necessary adjustments in light of the case’s development, all done in a proactive manner highlighting creativity and innovation. The department’s motto is “think, take initiatives – do not stay passive”. The department’s extensive practice areas enable its advocates to thoroughly examine every legal issue, promoting comprehensive and creative solutions which meet the client’s objectives. The advocates’ activity is driven by rich theoretical knowledge, entwined with a proven track record of excellent advocacy and case management built by many years of court appearances.

The department’s advocates specialize in a variety of practice areas, including corporate law, insolvencies, contract law, banking law, tenders, class actions, torts law, intellectual property, estates and inheritances, white collar crime, labor law, tax law and administrative law. The litigation department works in close cooperation with the firm’s other departments, representing the firm’s clients in matters of real estate, private property, planning and construction, land taxation an more, in all instances and planning authorities.

Practice Areas

  • Commercial and civil litigation
  • Real estate and property litigation
  • Banking litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Labor law litigation
  • Inheritance and estate litigation
  • Class actions
  • White collar
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Commercial transactions
  • Tax litigation
  • Ongoing legal counsel for companies and individuals

LL.B., Bar Ilan University (1994)

Bar Admission
Israel, 1995

Boaz is a senior partner at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co., and head of the firm’s litigation department.
Boaz has an experience of two decades as a litigator handling cases from varied disciplines, including commercial matters, real estate, corporate law, contract law, labor law and investments in Israeli and foreign entities.

Boaz’s close acquaintance with both litigation practice and the business sphere, creates a valuable mixture of broad theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise in court appearances and arbitration process, case management and all related practicalities.

Boaz’s added value is his broad expertise and knowledge, as well as his legal research abilities and in-depth analyses, all used for connecting between different legal disciplines and addressing large-scale and complex litigation cases.
Boaz’s love and devotion for his profession are evident in his uncompromising professionalism while managing the litigation department.

Boaz ascribes extreme importance to latest rulings and legislation, and he is always up to date. His noted curiosity and immense interest in the legal work provide him with the ability to memorize court rulings, legal ratios and articles of law, all integrated with sharp legal instincts.

Boaz possesses literary oral and written skills, and he tends to accompany his arguments with examples from various disciplines, both legal and non-legal, which serves to convey his message and simplify it.
Boaz articulates effective persuasion techniques in courtrooms, arbitrations and negotiation, which assist him in finding the truth, even in the most complex matters.

He sees the advocate profession as a combination of academy with practicality, where various analyses and syntheses are implemented in order to reach a thorough understanding of the relevant legal matter.

Boaz is known to have close relationships with his clients, identifying with their success and content as much as with their needs and distress, handling each case on the most personal level.
Boaz’s love for his profession as an advocate, which was also his late father’s profession, is demonstrated by his tremendous will to change his clients’ life for the better, as well as by his collegiality for his fellow advocates. Owed to his loyalty and commitment, Boaz’s clients consider him as an address for both legal and non-legal matters.

Boaz interned in Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. and handled litigation, civil and commercial matters. Following his internship he continued working in the firm, later to be admitted as partner in 2002. In 2006, Boaz joined his close friends for many years Amitai Erlich and Amir Goldman as partner in Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein & Co.
Boaz’s joining the firm has enriched it with significant complementary skills, enabling it to provide seamless legal counsel to regular and ad-hoc clients alike, including in complex litigation cases, as well as providing “preventive medicine” services integrated with the firm’s other services.

In addition to his professional work as an advocate and a mediator, Boaz is a lieutenant Colonel in the IDF on reserve duty, in a unit which treat IDF fallen soldiers. Boaz regularly studies one GMARA page a day, and is fond of cooking.

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Boaz speaks Hebrew and English.