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Amir Goldman

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co.’s commercial department serves a variety of corporations and companies, including the industrial sector, commerce, services and high-tech. The department’s advocates accumulated many years of experience counseling all types of business entities, including public companies, government-owned corporations, private companies and different types of partnerships. The department’s legal services spread out over many practice fields, including corporate law, labor law, trusts, banking and funding, tenders and debt restructuring. The well experienced professional advocates of the commercial department provide ongoing counsel for each in the corporate life cycle, as well as protecting the corporation’s business and financial interests from competitors and business partners. The department has close cooperation with parallel law firms abroad, enabling efficient promotion of overseas transactions and various business steps.

The firm provides its business clients with ongoing personal counsel regarding all their business life cycle. The department’s advocates provide ongoing legal services for corporations, including commerce-rated counsel as well as the contractual array between the corporation and other companies or clients. The department supports the corporation’s core activities, including merger and investment agreements, partnerships, dissolutions and termination of business activity within the corporation.

The commercial department contains a unique labor law niche, including employment agreements, employees’ incentivisation programs, retirement agreements and labor courts representation. In addition, the department provides comprehensive legal counsel to startup companies, from the initial idea to capital raising, including establishing the company, founders agreements, investments and allocations. In addition, the department handles foreign and domestic M&A transactions.

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co. is among Israel’s leading law firms handling this unique practice area. The department’s advocates specialize in assets protection and management, assets purchase, domestic and international taxation, establishment and management of family trusts and other entities for commercial and charity purposes, charitable trusts, foreign corporations, inheritance and general legal counsel, all for the purpose of protecting and managing the clients’ assets in the most efficient manner. The department provides personal legal counsel to multinational and wealthy families concerning their financial interests throughout the globe. The focus of the representation is put on improving each and every aspect of the family wealth management, including future planning, in order to reduce risks and enhance profit in assets and estates.

The department’s knowledgeable and service-oriented advocates tailor a personal solution for each and every client, with evident ingenuity and creativity. The legal counsel is enriched by the advocates’ numerous personal connections with leading professionals in Israel and abroad, cultivated over years of legal cooperation, as well as with prominent foreign and domestic financial institutions.

With close advocate-client relationships and deep understanding of the clients’ needs, the department serves all types of multinational clients and assets, applying a multidimensional approach of in-depth theoretical knowledge combined with hands on experience.

Endowed with rich multidisciplinary knowledge, the department’s advocates apply various integrative tools and create ad hoc synthesis of different legal contexts, improving all aspects of family wealth management.

In compliance with the firm’s vision of constituting a one stop shop for legal and business counsel, the firm offers its clients with a package of supplementary non-legal services. The firm’s network includes alliances with asset management agencies, affiliations with financial consulting bodies and connections with leading capital market and banking experts.

Practice Areas

  • Family wealth management
  • Trusts, Estates and Inheritances
  • Establishment and management of trusts
  • International taxation
  • Foreign and domestic real estate

LL.B., University of Leeds, England (1993)

Bar Admission
Israel, 1995

Adv. Amir Goldman is a founding partner at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co. for nearly 20 years. Amir heads the family wealth management department, and provides ongoing legal counsel for the firm’s clients. In addition, Amir handles commercial law issues, international taxation and real estate in Israel and abroad.

Amir possesses unique expertise in family wealth management, an exclusive unique practice field, handled by a few advocates in Israel. Amir provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal counsel regarding establishment and management of trusts and funds, foreign and domestic companies, charitable trusts and other legal entities. Amir provides its clients with ongoing legal counsel regard their present and future family wealth management, including grant of probates and estates management, in Israel and abroad.

Amir excels in locating investment solutions for his clients, combining his broad knowledge and experience with an international network of relationships with prominent figures from the banking and finance sectors. A significant amount of Amir’s time is dedicated to establishing and managing family trusts and funds for profit or charity purpose, as well as charitable trusts, foreign companies and other legal entities.

Amir possesses rich and diverse experience working with foreign residents from various communities around the world, basing his legal counsel, inter alia, upon direct and personal relationships with all the client-related professionals from Israel and abroad. Operating in a multidisciplinary area of overlapping legal practices, Amir’s professional network, along with creativity and years of experience, enable him to orchestrate integrative initiatives, matching the right solution to each client’s precise needs.

In addition to his broad professional expertise and intimate relationships with his clients, Amir maintains a network of numerous connections with professionals from the family wealth management’s sphere, including bankers, investment advisors, capital market personnel, accountants and international taxation consultants, as well as financial investment companies and international and domestic colleagues.

Consistent with the special nature of his practice, Amir’s unique service is given with a personal touch, and is further characterized by loyalty and commitment. His legal counsel derives from knowing his client’s background as well as his future personal and business preferences, all while keeping necessary discretion.

Amir performed his legal pre-internship and internship at Moritz, Weisglass, Almagor, as well as at M. Seligman & Co. under Adv. Orna Lin, where he met Adv. Amitai Erlich who was his fellow intern. Having completed their internships, Amir and Amitai founded Goldman Erlich & Co. law firm.

Amir is socially active alongside his professional work. He serves for many years as an external director at the Medical Research Infrastructure Development by Sheba, and he is a member in number of Israeli and international foundations and trusts assisting vulnerable populations, people with disabilities and minorities.

Amir served in the IDF as an air traffic controller, currently serves in reserve duty in the Military Advocate General corps, and a devoted fan of art.

Languages Hebrew and English