Rotem Ashkenazi

Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co.’s litigation department offers litigation services in all legal disciplines. The department’s advocates specialize in a broad spectrum of civil, commercial, public and criminal proceedings, appear before all instances, tribunals, planning authorities and administrative bodies, and faithfully represent both long term and ad hoc clients.

The litigation department is manned with first rate advocates known for their top professionalism, as well as their unconditional commitment to the client’s interests. The trademarks of the department’s advocates are utmost loyalty to the client, full control of all the case’s legal aspects using excellent legal research tools, innovative advocacy and outstanding argumentative skills. The department’s advocates provide comprehensive litigation representation, combining well-rounded strategic plan for every case with necessary adjustments in light of the case’s development, all done in a proactive manner highlighting creativity and innovation. The department’s motto is “think, take initiatives – do not stay passive”. The department’s extensive practice areas enable its advocates to thoroughly examine every legal issue, promoting comprehensive and creative solutions which meet the client’s objectives. The advocates’ activity is driven by rich theoretical knowledge, entwined with a proven track record of excellent advocacy and case management built by many years of court appearances.

The department’s advocates specialize in a variety of practice areas, including corporate law, insolvencies, contract law, banking law, tenders, class actions, torts law, intellectual property, estates and inheritances, white collar crime, labor law, tax law and administrative law. The litigation department works in close cooperation with the firm’s other departments, representing the firm’s clients in matters of real estate, private property, planning and construction, land taxation an more, in all instances and planning authorities.

Rotem is an associate at the firm’s litigation department.

Rotem specializes in civil and commercial litigation.

Rotem was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 2014, and holds a LL.B.(2013) from the University of Bar Ilan.

Rotem interned at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad  & Co.

Rotem speaks Hebrew and English.